National Arts Honor Society

Elizabeth Davis

In only its second year, The National Arts Honors Society at Franklin High school is a society where people join because of their passion for art. Also, it’s a place for people who want to further their art career and, who want to meet new people who enjoy the same thing that you do.

FHS Senior Sofia Mendonca, the President of the society, talked about what goes on in the society and activities that take place throughout the year. She stated that in order to be inducted into the society in May, you have to serve five hours of community service. One of those hours has to be helping the art club.

For Art club, you are able to pick a project and then teach it to the students that are in the club. Also, you have to take at least one art class a year and have good standings in those classes as well as attending each meeting the society has.

She also said that the society meets the second Thursday of each month in room 130, Ms. Edson’s room. Each meeting that the society has, they have something to do, like make Valentine’s Day cards for the teachers and create art items for the showcase during the induction ceremony.

For fundraising, the society has put on two “Paint Nights” with another on the way. This was a huge success with everyone who attended. Paint Night is where a member from the society has a painting in mind and they paint in front of the classroom, everyone else follows along. This is open to anyone in the school who enjoys art or who justs want to paint.

For Sophomores and Juniors who want to join this society, they can contact Ms. Edson, who can share information about where to sign up. You also have to have created two pieces of artwork and you have to get two recommendations, one from an art teacher and one from another teacher.