Should Franklin High School Have a Dance Team?

Amanda Wylie, Photojournalist

Franklin High School is extremely successful in terms of sports. But there is one sport that is notably lacking; in fact, it doesn’t even exist at FHS! A dance team would be a fantastic addition to the line-up of athletic activities here at Franklin High School.

First of all, this is not a ground-breaking idea. Many schools in the area, including Braintree High School, Mount Saint Charles, and Needham High School, already have competitive dance teams that students can try out for.

There definitely isn’t a lack of interest here at FHS. Dozens of students take dance classes outside of school, attending studios such as Step by Step in Medway, and Franklin School for the Performing Arts.

Dance not only builds flexibility and strength, it also fosters a sense of teamwork and allows students to express themselves.

Unfortunately, it is not likely that a dance team could be coming anytime soon, as Franklin Public Schools were recently hit by a huge budget cut for the upcoming school year. In the mean time, consider taking a class at one of the aforementioned studios. Get a taste of what a recreational dance class at Step by Step is like by watching the video above.