FHS Theatre to Present “Frankly Hysterical”


FHS Theatre

Frankly Hysterical will be presentedin the FHS auditorium on February 6th at 7:30 PM.

Emma Nicholson, Writer

Are you looking for something hilarious to watch next Thursday night? Instead of reaching for the remote, head on over to FHS for the performance of “Frankly Hysterical,” taking place Thursday, February 6th at 7:30 pm in the FHS auditorium.

Performed by Theatre III: The Performing Arts Company, “Frankly Hysterical” will be an improv comedy and variety show, and will also include original sketch comedy scenes written by Theatre III students. There will be elements of audience participation and interaction, as well as spontaneous skits.

Director Mr. Grossman is looking forward to presenting this show, especially after the success of the other productions this year. “We had such an incredible time putting together Cabaret and Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, especially from an audience engagement perspective, that we felt it necessary to emulate a similar performance base for this upcoming show,” he says. “With that said, there will be even more audience participation, much beyond providing situations and content for the actors; but audience members will have the opportunity to play a role in some of the improv games as well.”

Improv Asylum
Improv Asylum is a performance troupe based out of Boston who performs improvisational shows and events nightly.

The Performing Arts Company has been hard at work during their class time to put together this production. They have also had the opportunity to work with industry actors who have experience in improvisation. “Seth Bryan and Augusto Gabriel, who are resident improv actors at the Improv Asylum in Boston, have been coming in to work with the Performing Arts Company on a series of improv sketches, games and activities,” Mr. Grossman says. This collaboration has inspired new games and scenes to be included in the upcoming show.  “The intent of this show is to put together a setlist of interactive, hilarious, and well thought out performances that are justly spontaneous.”

Audiences can expect a hilarious evening of entertainment and fun from “Frankly Hysterical.” Mr. Grossman says, “This one hour show will be different from the earlier Cabaret production, and will certainly provide vivid entertainment for audience members who are open to attending.”

“It will be very funny,” says senior Andrew Falanga, who has enjoyed taking part in this show.

If you need some laughs, come enjoy the FHS production of “Frankly Hysterical,” next Thursday, February 6th in the FHS auditorium. Tickets will be sold for $5 for students and $10 for adults.