Looking for Plans to do after Quarantine?

Elise Ravech, Writer

Are your bored at home and wanting to be out of the house? Dave Andelman who owns Phantom Gourmet with his brother Danny, gives insight on how he started the business and how he continues to keeps it alive through the coronavirus.

Dave originally is from boston but went to college in New York at Union College, he then came back and did a four year program at Northeastern University, where he got his law degree and MBA.

He passed the bar and thought everyone was going to want to give him a job, but he quickly found out that was not the case. This was when he decided to go into business for himself. He recognized that any media back then was mostly sports or politics, and if it was about food it was only the high end restaurants, or it was a cooking show.

He wanted to do a show that showed the watchers “The best place for a canoli, pizza or a sandwich.” His only goal was focus on what people really wanted to do while making it fun for them to watch.

Dave started the company and show on TV in 1993 and in 2003 he had gotten popular enough that networks wanted him. He wanted a show that had food and entertainment, they call it “Food and Fun!” They do many events at the drive in they own with over 10,000 people in attendance.

Dave wished to show people where they could get food and have fun with whoever they go out with, friends, family or spouse. His goal was to make people say, “Hey are you up for a drive to that seafood place?”

He firmly believes, that you can’t cave into the haters that leave bad reviews. He states how he believes some medias make the mistake of caving in to the three people who leave reviews. He simply ignores them just doesn’t let it bother him, “This is how you have to be if you want to build a big media brand.”

He says “Corona has really hit us hard, as our show is really about going to restaurants.” Now his crew and himself like to say they are in “Restaurant Rehabilitation.” They have now switched to covering takeout and delivery since they can’t shoot in restaurants, they are now having the food brought to them.

Facebook live about an hour a day and he reaches hundreds of thousands or millions a week, “It’s been odd but we are definitely upping our social media game.” He believes his company will now be more popular than ever because of how they produce their show.

Right now he is focused on opening the Mendon Twin drive in, as he recently has written a letter to Governor Baker asking for permission. His goal is at least to open for takeout only with two for one food, however by law right now they must remain closed.

He touches on the fact of how popular the drive in is with weddings and graduation parties. He states, “If we are able to open we are going to work really hard to have two or three events a day.” He also adds how they will have to work with the social distancing rules if they are still in place.

During this tough time his message to his crew is, “Let’s do the best we can and put out the most relevant content we can.” 

If you are bored during this time watch this show and find out which restaurants have the best dessert or even the best pizza! All of the places on his show can be found all over Massachusetts!