How to Calm Nerves with Music During Troubled Times


Tim Schecher, Writer

Did you ever wonder why so many people do quarantine karaoke? Simply, people love music, and during these times, music is undoubtedly one of the best stress relievers.

Recently on TV, I watched a fundraiser hosted by superstar Elton John. Musical artists from different genres sang versions of their songs that, in the end, raised ten million dollars. Quite an impressive feat!

Another example of this “stress relief” included popular music artists singing altered versions of their songs with lyrics about washing your hands and related sentiments. For example, singer Neil Diamond sang a rendition of his famous song, “Sweet Caroline” and instead of the often-sung lyric, ‘touching hands’ found throughout the song, Diamond instead replaced it with ‘not touching hands’, proving it to be not only humorous, but relevant. 

Music often speaks when we cannot.  It gives us peace, comfort and can bring people together for reasons we cannot predict.  So, plugin, tune out and you might find yourself singing along!