An Ariana Grande Song for Every Mood

Audrey Tiomkin, Writer

During quarantine, you’ve probably experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Don’t worry, though because Ariana Grande knows how to write emotionally relatable songs that will fit any mood or experience. 


Already in a Great Mood?


Sweetener Album

This cheery pop song is just a really fun listen to keep you in a good mood. The message is about being the “Sweetener” in a salty situation. 


In the mood to dance?

Into You

Dangerous Woman album

This poppy song is great to blast on your speaker if you need a good, pumped-up dance session in your room. “Into You” will make you feel energized and will get you moving!


Need Motivation During Your Workout?

Break Free

My Everything album

This EDM bop is all about becoming stronger and breaking free from your comfort zone which is a helpful message when seeking motivation. Grande’s exciting EDM track will boost your energy, especially during a quarantine workout. 


Need a chill song?


Sweetener album

This is a dreamy, melodic ballad that makes you feel like you’re relaxing on a fluffy cloud of harmonies. R.E.M is perfect to fit a chill, dreamy vibe for when you don’t have a care in the world or you just want to leave reality and doze off into a dream. 


Feeling All Lovey-Dovey?

Tattooed Heart

Yours Truly album

If you’re an old soul, this doo-wop inspired track will take you back to a 1954 love story. This lovely, slow song is heartwarming yet upbeat pop at the same time. Although slow songs aren’t for everyone, this is a refreshing break from modern-day sound. 


Are you in your feels?


Thank U, Next album

It’s completely normal to feel alone during quarantine. If you’re feeling “Needy” of someone and their love or attention but don’t have the words to describe how it feels, Grande has the lyrics. The thoughtful lyrics and beautiful strings will prove that everyone feels alone at some point, and it’s okay to be vulnerable.


Need some reassurance?

Be Alright

Dangerous Woman album

Right now, you’re bound to need some reassurance that everything will “Be Alright”. This downtempo song is a great reminder that although times are tough, we WILL be okay. Grande sends a positive message that will boost your mood and give you hope.


Need a Confidence Booster?


Sweetener Album

“Successful” is an ode to feeling confident through your victories in life. This chill, positive song will give you the self-assurance needed to lift your spirits. Grande pats you on the back with her soft, welcoming, upbeat vocals for all of the obstacles you have overcome.


Ready to Move On?

No Tears Left To Cry

Sweetener album

Positivity radiates from “No Tears Left to Cry” as Grande’s uplifting vocals put an end to the more somber chapters of your life. This song is sure to help you find closure if you’re looking to move on from whatever may be bothering you. 


Dealing with Mental Health Struggles?

Get Well Soon

Sweetener Album

“Get Well Soon” is a beautiful, soft, warming track about healing one’s anxiety or sadness. This song will make you feel protected in a fluffy cloud of touching and melodic layers of vocals. I promise, this track is guaranteed to inspire you to heal. During quarantine, mental health issues are rising, but just remember that you are never alone and Grande emphasizes that message.