Fall Fun While Staying Safe


Photo from Friends of Blue Hills Reservation, 2016

Sophia Francisco, Writer

If you´re anything like me, you´ve been wishing things were back to normal as we move through fall. Enjoying classic fall activities is something I personally look forward to every year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, a lot of places we could usually go to have fun are closed. So I’m here to provide you with some fun alternatives, especially as we approach Halloween!

Carving pumpkins with friends or family is always a fun way to spend an evening! Set up an area outside with some snacks, your pumpkins, and carving tools, and get to work! You could even make it a competition and try to follow a certain picture. Or, you could give your pumpkins a theme and carve them all according to a category, like a movie or book series. Make sure to social distance!

New England is so beautiful in autumn, with all the foliage. Hiking is another great activity! Places like the Blue Hills in Massachusetts or Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire are lovely for hiking. The trails let you go at your own pace, so you can use them for a workout or just to enjoy the scenery. It gets you outside and active, while still allowing you to be socially distant from others. And when you get to the top, you’ve got a great view to appreciate!

What’s better than a night around the bonfire with your friends? I´d have to say nothing. Get a few friends together, build a fire in somebody’s yard, and sit around it, enjoying both the warmth and each other´s company (and some apple cider while you´re at it!) Set up your chairs six feet apart, kick back, and relax. Take a look up and you can appreciate all the stars in the night sky!

Autumn is not autumn without delicious recipes. Try making tomato soup, or homemade apple cider, or pumpkin pie. These recipes are something you can bring to the table at Thanksgiving dinner or just enjoy yourself on a chilly day. A warm kitchen while it’s windy or raining outdoors is such a cozy feeling. The food doesn’t have to be related to fall, of course. Just making your favorite dish on a dreary day is comforting and can cheer you up.

Don´t forget about the classic leaf pile! You´ve got to rake the leaves off your lawn anyway, so you might as well make a pile and jump into it. You are never too old to do that. Plus, it’s something to look forward to after a lot of tedious raking.

The moral of the story is, do things you enjoy but make sure you´re staying safe! Feel free to continue with fall family traditions or things you love to do during this time of year, but always follow the necessary safety precautions!