Is Season Two the Way?

Grace Tucceri, Writer

The adventure. The journey. The mystery. But most importantly, it’s finally the return of Mando and Baby Yoda. 

My dad and I became Star Wars superfans less than a year ago. We watched the entire Skywalker Saga together. We both enjoyed every moment of it, from the lightsaber duels to the wisecracking droids. The movies were amazing, but The Mandalorian is on another level. While the prequels and sequels were polarizing to many, the first live-action Star Wars television series is able to capture the true spirit of the originals by expanding on a classic story of good versus evil.

The two of us fell in love with the show from the very first scene. Season One was full of action, humor, and left viewers wanting to learn more about the Mandalorian way of life. The cliffhanger ending was thrilling. The series featured so many strongly developed characters, from the butt-kicking Cara Dune to the villainous Moff Gideon. The obvious breakout star of the show, “The Child”, stole the hearts of everyone, from toddlers to grown men. 

After waiting for months, we’re in a galaxy far, far away again. Here’s my spoiler-free review of Chapter Nine: The Marshal.

The Season One recap at the beginning of the episode was a great refresher. It only took a few minutes to catch us up to speed. Then, when the recap finished up, things kicked into high gear. The episode started with a mysterious encounter that ended with lots of action. Shortly after, we returned to a familiar planet and, surprisingly, saw a fan-favorite character that was thought to not be returning. The heart of the episode revolved around a conflict that connects back to the aftermath of the original trilogy. We get to see two different races of species working together for the greater good. The episode also featured a new character who played a key role. Best of all, a cliffhanger ending left the two of us on the edge of the couch, ready for next Friday’s installment. 

Now, I want to discuss what most of you are here for: the beautiful baby. Before watching the episode, I was skeptical about The Child’s role; he now seems to be the biggest marketing tool for all of Star Wars. Everywhere I go, there seems to be a product featuring this little green guy. Fruit snacks, hand sanitizer, socks, ornaments, you name it! Thankfully, The Child was not overused in this episode at all. He served as a perfect asset to the plotline, providing brief comic relief and an ease on the eyes. My dad and I can agree on the fact that his little “pod trick” in the first scene was one of the highlights!

Overall, Chapter Nine was a wild ride. I’d give it a solid nine out of ten stars. My dad was in agreement. He loved “how the Mando negotiated to obtain a special item” and found it “awesome when Mando left someone hanging”. The message of teamwork is so relevant to this time and, hopefully, this series will be cherished for years to come. If only Fridays could come sooner!