Among Us: All About the Latest Video-Game Craze

Avery Chalk, Writer

Fortnite… Minecraft… Among Us?

Although not a new addition to the gaming world, the newfound popularity of Among Us to the online community has virtually turned the internet upside-down. In mere weeks, what was once an obscure application has become one of the most popular games on the App Store with more than 85 million IOS downloads. The platform now boasts an extensive number of famous users, including James Charles, Ninja, and even Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).  

But what is it about, and how did it become this popular?

A typical Among Us lobby. (VDPuiMax) (VDPuiMax)

The premise of Among Us is simple: a maximum of 10 aliens are dropped off on one of three maps (the Skeld, Mira HQ, or Polus), and must vote out the “Imposter(s)” before the game ends. The majority of aliens are assigned the role of “Crewmate”, and whilst completing tasks to repair a broken spaceship, survey the remaining players to eject the culprit and send them home. The key to success in the game is deception, so put on a good poker face and be prepared to bluff!

Unlike other mainstream computer games, Among Us isn’t too complicated or gimmicky. Anyone can play the game and be successful, which is why players have the chance to connect to those who might run outside of their usual circles. It’s popularity also may lie in the fact that players’ identities are kept completely anonymous. On the regular app, gamers communicate primarily by typing in a censored chat so that nothing is leaked via voice or facial recognition.

Hanna Mayo, a sophomore at FHS, has even said that she enjoys playing the game “…because it’s a way to connect with people without giving away any information. I play Among Us almost every day!”

AOC plays Among Us with other popular streamers! (AOC/Twitch)

Even politicians are in on the latest internet fad! Congresswomen AOC and Ilhan Omar tried their luck at Among Us during a Twitch stream alongside popular users Corpse, Toast, and others. The two representatives played multiple fun-filled games while hundreds of thousands of users tuned in, even securing a few wins under their belts. AOC was also quick with some quips, chuckling, “…what kind of futuristic spaceship has gasoline anyway!” A link to the highlights of this stream can be found here.

It is safe to say that Among Us has changed the very basis of what is means to be a “gamer”, effectively helping the online community stray away from the stigma that only certain people can be good at playing video games. Since the growth in popularity of the application, gaming has gone from a niche hobby to a far-reaching pastime that anyone can enjoy… no matter if they are a 15-year old student, or a US representative.

Don’t be “sus”, and give Among Us a try. It has the internet’s (and Congress’s!) stamp of approval.