Shadow and Bone: Netflix’s Newest Hit Show


Grace Tucceri

The show stars Jessie Mei Lei as Alina, a young woman who might be able to save the world.

Grace Tucceri, Writer

Hey, have you seen Shadow and Bone yet? If not, you are missing out on the best new show of the year! Shadow and Bone is based on Leigh Bradugo’s popular Grishaverse novels and is a loose adaptation of the Shadow and Bone trilogy and Six of Crows duology. The main storyline follows Alina, an orphaned mapmaker who discovers that she is the Sun Summoner. Her newly found powers will help combat the Fold, a growing darkness filled with monsters. As she learns more about her powers, she meets new allies, explores her world, and, of course, gets tangled up in a romance with a mysterious general. Plus, the show features some thrilling battle sequences and a talented cast. Here are the top five reasons (in order) you should check out Shadow and Bone on Netflix:

  1. The Magical World

The Grishaverse contains so many locations! Most of the story is set in the nation Ravka, which was inspired by Russia. The dark, expanding Fold separates the nation, causing many of its inhabitants to join the First Army and fight against it. The capital of Ravka, Os Alta, is home to the magnificent Little Palace. Another main setting is the island nation of Kerch, which draws inspiration from the Netherlands. There, the capital city of Ketterdam is filled with people from far and wide. There, the Crow Club can be found, which is a gambling house run by the brilliant Kaz Brekker. Hopefully, more wondrous places will be explored if the show gets renewed!

Go to to check out the interactive map, take the official Grisha quiz, and customize an avatar! (Grace Tucceri)
  1. The Dynamic Duo 

A minor subplot focuses on two fan-favorite characters; Nina and Matthias. Nina is a Heartrender: a special type of Grisha who can damage or heal the organs of other people. Meanwhile, Matthias’s job as a member of the Druskelle is to hunt Grisha! Of course, Nina gets captured by him and held prisoner on a ship. As time goes by, Nina begins to fall in love with him (but nothing can outrank her love of waffles). The slow-burn romance is thoroughly enjoyable and steamy, too. 

  1. The Love Triangle

Alina most definitely has had feelings for her childhood best friend, all her life … until General Kirigan shows up. The general is the complete opposite of Alina; he’s ruthless, selfish, and is a Shadow Summoner. However, unlike the sweet and selfless Mal, he wants to use Alina for his own personal gain. Alina quickly finds herself stuck between the past, present, and future as she struggles with finding herself. I am a proud “Malina” supporter, but many Ben Barnes superfans would disagree!

  1. The Crows

Even though the show is mainly about Alina, the true scene stealers are the Crows: Kaz, Inej, and Jesper. Kaz is a criminal genius who uses a cane to get around. Inej is known as “The Wraith”, for she always fights for what she believes in. And Jesper is a witty young man who knows his way around a pistol. Together, the three of them team up to capture Alina for one million kruge. Personally, the heist scene in the fourth episode was a highlight for me!

Who wouldn’t want to have an adorable goat from the show as their Netflix profile picture? (Grace Tucceri)
  1. The Goat

Yes, there is a cute little goat and he is a superstar! His name is Milo and he will forever be iconic. The bond between him and Jesper is unbreakable and hilarious at times. You can even show your support for him by changing your Netflix profile picture.

So, are you ready to enter the Fold? Go ahead and watch the show immediately! And if reading is your thing instead, pick up a copy of Shadow and Bone or Six of Crows!