Harry Styles: Love On Tour


Halle Goldsmith

TD Garden pictured during the opening to Watermelon Sugar near the end of the show.

Halle Goldsmith, Editor

Spoiler Alert: every penny spent on this concert was worth it. 


Harry Styles performed at TD Garden in Boston, MA last night, October 25, 2021, signaling that he is about half-way done with his American tour for his second studio album, Fine Line. 

Opening for Harry was the lovely Jenny Lewis, an American actress, singer, and songwriter. Tonight, she blew everyone away with her incredible talent and fun opening numbers. 

File:Harry Styles Denver HsLot.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Harry Styles performing live in Denver, Colorado on September 7, 2021. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license)

The night started off with a bang, Harry opened with Golden and got the crowd excited for the rest of the show. His energy radiated through the crowd and kept everyone up and dancing the whole night. 

Next, he alternated between playing songs from his first, self titled album (HS1) and the album he’s touring with (Fine Line). Harry performed Carolina from HS1, followed by Adore You (Fine Line), Only Angel, and lastly, She. 

These first five songs kept the audience dancing and screaming along with him, but it wouldn’t be Harry Styles without a little heartbreak.

He introduced what he deemed “the first sad song of the night” by singing a few lines from Two Ghosts off of HS1, then smoothly transitioned into Falling. A breathtaking performance of a breathtaking song. 

Harry Styles and his band performing Adore You with pink LED lights. (Halle Goldsmith)

He didn’t let the audience slow down for long because right after Falling, he played the happy and upbeat, Sunflower Vol. 6 and then the tantalizing song, Woman. 

These two revived the audience before the next heartbreak: Cherry. Somehow Harry managed to transition from happy music to easily one of the saddest songs he sang last night. 

A big part of who Harry is and the message he spreads is heard in the single, Lights Up. Harry told fans to dance as much as you want, sing as loud as you can, and overall, act like your true self at his concert. 

Lights Up begs the question of “do you know who you are?” and Harry allowed fans to sing a good portion of the song without him, possibly as a way of helping people realize who they really are. 

As he does at every concert, Harry sang Happy Birthday with the audience’s help. This time to his father, Desmond Styles, and a fan named Bri. 

Post Happy Birthday was a 15 minute dancing interval, with three upbeat and truly dance-worthy songs. He performed two songs off Fine Line: Canyon Moon and Treat People With Kindness. Then ended this interval with a throwback to his One Direction days, singing his version of What Makes You Beautiful

To wrap up the show, he sang two more sad songs: the title track, Fine Line and Sign of the Times from HS1. Then, two more dancing songs: Watermelon Sugar and Kiwi

Harry Styles singing Sign of the Times during the encore. (Halle Goldsmith)

Overall, this concert was almost perfect. Harry has an incredible stage presence, a knack for interacting with the audience, and somehow, sounds even better live than on recording. 

The only critique of the night was that Harry omitted To Be So Lonely from the set list, making it the

only song from Fine Line he didn’t perform live. 

Link to video footage filmed by Halle Goldsmith!