A New Season of Stranger Things is FINALLY on its Way (Spoilers for ST3!)

A New Season of Stranger Things is FINALLY on its Way (Spoilers for ST3!)

Sofia Smith, Writer

On February 17 at 11 a.m, the announcement for the fourth season of Stranger Things was plastered across social media. Stranger Things 4 will be released in two volumes; the first on May 27, and the second on July 1.

Almost 3 years after the release of Stranger Things 3, cast members posted the announcement for Stranger Things 4 on Instagram and Twitter, sparking excitement in fans across the world.

@Stranger_Things on Twitter, the official account for the show, posted, “Hi nerds! Do you copy? It’s been a little while,” before explaining how the new season would be released. 

Also in the announcement, the Duffer Brothers, who created the world of Stranger Things, wrote that the new season is coming soon and that it’s bigger than ever. They continued to deliver bittersweet news: “It’s also the beginning of the end.” Stranger Things 4 will be the second to last season.

Chase Garilli, a senior at Franklin High School, saw the announcement on the Instagram story of Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in the hit sci-fi show. Garilli said she immediately texted her mom to show her the news because they always watch Stranger Things together. 

Stranger Things 3 left fans shocked. Billy, Max’s brother was killed, and Hopper disappeared, among other things. Garilli said that season 3 was her favorite season of the show so far, and she was very happy with the ending.

From the recently released teasers, it appears that Stranger Things 4 will answer many unanswered questions such as, “Is Brenner going to come back?” “Will the crew stay friends after the Byers move away with Eleven?” and possibly the most important, “Is Hopper still alive?”