Morgan Wallen Tops Charts With New Album


Country singer Morgan Wallen reset the country music scene this past March with the release of his latest album “One Thing at a Time” (via NARA & DVIDS Public Domain Archive under Creative Commons License)

Michael LaRoche, Writer

Pop country’s latest prodigy, Morgan Wallen, released a 36-song album this past March. Wallen, the new face of country music, has faced controversy as of late, but that didn’t stop his new album “One Thing at a Time” from smashing the Billboard Hot 100 within the first few weeks of the album’s release.


During the week of March 18th, all 36 songs in the album were included on the list, which is the first time that has ever been done. Not only was that impressive, but from March 19th-25th, Wallen still had 28 songs on the prestigious list, the second most songs on the Billboard Hot 100. The only person he was behind was, well, himself.


Listeners have been looking at the 36-song album in two different ways. On the one hand, some say the 1-hour 52-minute album is too long with an unnecessary amount of songs. Franklin High senior Connor Brown sees it as the complete opposite

“It’s very impressive how he’s created an album with 36-songs, and is still very consistent with the quality of his past albums, which are much shorter,” Brown said.


Although the album spans almost two hours, the quality of each song makes it well worth listening to. For some people, getting into country music can be difficult. If that’s the case, Wallen’s new album would be a perfect place to start. His mix of pop and country gives a unique style of music.


Brown agrees. “While it is a country album, there are influences from other genres that make it much different from ordinary country music,” he said. 


As Wallen prepares for his upcoming “One Night at a Time” tour, you can see the superstar close to home. Wallen will be visiting Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on August 16th, 17th, and 18th of this year. If listening to his album is something you enjoyed, seeing him in person could be even better.