There’s More to This February Than Just The Ice

Hunter Donigan

Waterfalls, volcano fields, Icelandic horses, and glaciers you can walk through, are all activities associated with the remarkable country of Iceland, and it’s only a five hour flight from Boston!


Iceland is a country north of the US with loads to offer this winter. This includes the famous northern lights many tourists will hope to see in their lifetimes. And while Iceland is known well for its misleading name, don’t forget to pack a warm coat!


An Icelandic adventure is one that tourists of all ages can enjoy, with a multitude of natural exhibitions that will supply an untouchable experience. From horseback riding across the lava fields, to visiting the whimsical waterfalls of the island with all of its stories, it all adds up to one life-changing occasion.


This August of 2017, long-term traveller Mary Doller of Weymouth, MA, partook in an Icelandic getaway. Her perspective was that Iceland presented itself as something to behold for its unique people, who originally settled Iceland and began with the task of survival at hand rather than one of conquering. Mary said that her favorite endeavors were those that emphasized Iceland’s clean environment, utilizing hydropower rather than fossil fuels, and she recalled vividly, the unbeatable blue of the skies all day long!


When asked, Mary stated that her most memorable day tour had been the glacier hikes, going out to the glacier and going into the underground tunnel.


“It was amazing that you could go from a temperate climate and through lava fields, and then into a glacier in the period of two hours.” Mary added, “It is possible to create an underground tunnel, with adjacent rooms, which can be scientifically maintained so as not to melt or collapse!”


While trips to Iceland are available year-round, the best time to travel may be the winter, when the northern lights brighten up the sky and provide a sight that can’t be beat! Summer trips are also favorable for the Blue Lagoon day-trips and other outdoor activities like midday walks on the Black Sand Beach!


If this February is beginning to look just the same as the last and is starting to lack flavor, consider a brief visit to the Nordic country for a vivid display of natural marvels!