Student Spotlight: Carolyn Hagy

Nihara Lijan, Writer

Throughout high school, Carolyn has always described herself and been described as a perfectionist. She took a total of 12 AP classes and did many extracurriculars as well. She will be attending Boston University in the fall and will be majoring in human physiology on the pre-med track.

She says that she wants to “continue [her] synchronized skating career but [she] also wants to attend medical school after college and eventually pursue a career in either non-surgical sports medicine or orthopedic surgery for athletes.”

“As an athlete who suffered an injury requiring surgery, I would also love to do clinical research on non-surgical methods to treat muscle/tendon tears reducing recovery time,” Carolyn adds.

The picture above was taken before Carolyn competed in the final round at the 2020 Eastern Synchronized Skating Championships. (Melissa Hagy)

Carolyn is a competitive synchronized figure skater, triathlete, member of Girl Scouts, and founded Project Join the Game, a project designed to encourage children to stay in sports into high school and beyond.

Because of her jam-packed extracurricular schedule, Carolyn became an excellent time-manager. She says that she was taught early in her education to stay organized, make lists and keep a detailed planner. She learned to budget her time wisely and prioritized what to focus her attention on.

“I admit that I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I had to accept that it is just not possible to put 100% into everything all the time!”

Of course, everyone has had tough times in school as well. Carolyn mentions how in almost all of her classes there were a few weeks that were extremely fast paced and overwhelming. She would feel like the work was impossible to finish, but she pushed through, even if it meant that she didn’t get very much sleep. She did her best to push through to the end and not let her grades slip, especially focusing on senior year, when many seniors are afflicted with senioritis.

This picture above was taken after Carolyn had committed to Boston University. (Elizabeth Hagy)


As for being valedictorian, there is a lot of pressure that comes with it and, she states that, I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish throughout high school, but there is definitely a lot of pressure with giving a speech at graduation. Graduation is such an important day for everyone in my class including myself, so I want to give a meaningful speech that will fit with the theme of the ceremony.”

She says that writing her speech has been pretty difficult, because she wants to make sure she says the right things! The Class of 2021 is full of amazing people and she wants them to be happy with what she has to say. 

When asked for study tips, Carolyn says that she is a strong believer in studying by spaced repetition. Many AP classes have an overwhelming amount of vocabulary or formulas that need to be memorized. She usually approached this with flashcards and/or a Quizlet, but she states that the “most important thing was to review often and for shorter amounts of time”.

In math/science AP classes, she found that repetition with practice problems was the key to success. After all, the College Board has a very specific style of questioning that is consistent on every exam (and teachers usually use past questions for practice).

She says, “I think that the best classes are the ones that truly interest you. Personally, my favorite classes were AP Biology, AP Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Forensic Science. However, if someone is more interested in History or English, they should take those classes and not fill their schedule with classes they are going to hate.”

Ultimately, Carolyn believes that she has always been a perfectionist and that it would “go against [her] nature to not do [her] best work on everything” so she mentions that, “It is extremely rewarding when hard work pays off with success.

Thank you so much Carolyn for sharing the path to your accomplishment and we wish you the best of luck in college!