Student Spotlight: Dan Gurge


Cathleen Bryan, Writer

Dan Gurge, well known for his video editing skills with Panther TV, is finishing off his senior year of high school strong. Dan’s passion for digital media began in seventh grade when he started experimented with video editing on a variety of platforms, such as his phone, tablet, and computer.

As he went into high school, Dan adopted newer, more high-tech programs such as Final Cut Pro. He uses this to edit his personal Vlogs for his YouTube Channel, as well as videos for Franklin High School’s Panther TV.

“I plan on becoming either a film major or television broadcast major, so editing will be a big part of my education after high school,” said Gurge.

Due to his early start with video editing, he is certainly on the track of success, and has learned to edit quickly and efficiently; this has been extremely beneficial for his job at Panther TV. Not only is his passion for video editing practical, as it pertains to FHS’s morning news, but it also acts as a creative outlet for Gurge.

 According to Dan: “I love how you can convey many different ideas based on the way you edit a video, and how I can express my emotions through it”

In fact, this was the basis on which he began his YouTube Channel, DanGurge112, on which he posts vlogs, documentaries, and informational videosDue to the versatility of his editing skills, Dan is beyond prepared for anything this future career throws at him.