Get to Know Your New Locker

Colton Cardinal, Student Writer

The new Franklin High School lockers will have an abundance of changes and new uses.

Franklin High School students will be more friendly than ever with their new locker partially because of the new school layout. The chances the average student passes their locker in the new school will triple to the amount of times students pass their lockers in the current FHS.


The lockers will include similar dimensions to the ones in place now but the most noticeable change will be the color of the new school lockers.

The locker is a light metallic grey color with a navy and white border surrounding it.

The lock itself will be built into the locker and will have a three digits combination just like any other lock. Although a new feature will be the self reliant lock. The teacher friendly new feature will allow you or anyone else to instantly close and lock the locker effortlessly.

The lockers will be connected to a concrete slab which is connected to the wall but will poke out from the wall itself slightly. The innconvience of this extra space will be a six to ten inches at most.

” I have a difficult time hanging things up in my locker now and hopefully that will change in the new school lockers” says Kylee Hurley current freshmen here at FHS.

The inside of the lockers will include the same amount of hooks as the ones in place now. The magnetism of the locker is rumored to be stronger allowing for the hanging of mirrors magnets and whatever decorations you wish to put up within the school boundaries.