Healthcare Bill

Brain Malloy

The Recent passing of President Obama’s Healthcare Bill has sparked controversy across America. People are fed up with the administration and feel that they have been ignored. Meanwhile the administration continues to boast about the benefits of the bill.

The healthcare bill has incited such a dramatic response because the feeling amongst many Americans is that the bill itself is unconstitutional. On top of this the way in which the bill was passed went against the structure for passing bills. People are so adamant about this because if a bill can be passed by bypassing the normal procedure for passing a bill, than the administration is capable of doing it again.

Also the way in which the bill was passed and the contents of the bill, one could argue will open up the flood gates as far as further legislation of unconstitutional content. The basic concept of the bill is that the government is going to force all Americans to purchase a service, and also punish Americans by fine if they fail to buy healthcare. No where in the constitution does it state that the government has the right to force people to buy anything.

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Also the reconciliation process in which this bill was passed is meant for making changes to the government’s fiscal position. That is it was intended to reduce deficits or increases surpluses within our economy. The process was not meant to be used to make such a dramatic change like nationalizing healthcare.