The Realities of Bullying

The bullying situation in South Hadley seems to get bigger in bigger as the case drags on. Many students and parents can agree that bullying is a problem and it’s about time we took care of it.

Freshmen Phoebe Prince of South Hadley committed suicide after students in the school bullied her to a point that she couldn’t handle any longer. The new girl from Ireland was just living the high school life, dating and having fun. But the situation had gotten bad when girls started harassing her because she was dating a senior athlete which they couldn’t stand.

When first hearing this situation I was so surprised, I wondered if that could ever happen at our school. During my years in the Franklin public school system I been bullied numerous of times but it never got to bad because I always reach out for help from my parents. I thought that it’s not going to get better if I let the situation drag on even if I was going to be exposing who they were. When I started reading about this I couldn’t help to think about her parents, how they felt. It made me feel sad and depressed that a family ever has to see there child hanging.

One thing I could say to the bullies were I bet you didn’t think it was bad what you were doing, but I guess it made you feel good about yourself. Poor Phoebe Prince reached out for help from her administration but they turned her down and sent her back to class. Not only are the students the one s to blame but the administration is too. Their suppose to protect the kids, not put them in harms way. Soon enough this situation would hit the news and exposed the bullies. It started getting bigger and people and witnesses came worth and announced that nine students from South Hadley were responsible for her death.

The charges made were criminal harassment, civil rights violations, stalking and statutory rape. The situation started anti-bullying measure that has been approved by both chambers of the state Legislature.

When asking some students and faculty they felt the charges are appropriate. I interviewed Mr. Folan ( Assistant Principal of Franklin High School) about how they would handle the situation he said “At Franklin High School, we take all bullying issues very seriously. First, we interview and collect a great of information from the victims and their parents — and witnesses if there are any.” I hope there is justice in this case that all the students a learn a valuable lesson that life is precious and every life is of value.