Shaws employees jobs at stake?

Amanda Martin and Kristen Lynch

Rumors have been spread about the grocery store “Big Y” opening in the location of the failed Franklin Buffet.. but what does this mean for the employees of competitor Shaws?

Big Y confirmed it plans to open a franchise in that location, and with their high quality products and similar pricing to the somewhat expensive Shaws, the Big Y could potentially draw customers from Shaws to the new supermarket.

The Big Y sells products similar to Whole Foods, but at a cheaper price. With the recent health craze amongst the population, people want to eat food that is better for them, and the cheaper prices will allow them to do so.

Shaws employees jobs could be at stake due to the new supermarket opening. Less customers means less revenue for Shaws. And less money coming in means less employees needed. Will the Big Y be the reason for a cut back on employees at Shaws?