United States? ~ Editorial

John Campbell

As I see it, we have a real issue on our hands.

In recent months the United States has experience a political atmosphere quite contentious. This alone should not be significant to anyone, especially during a time where the government has decided to tackle such touchy issues as health care, abortion, immigration, and the economy. However, I personally have seen a troubling trend. Lately our government has seen less than united by a wide margin. Even in reading an article on any current event or topic you will usually read something to the effect of “senate democrats” or “house republicans”.

I find it quite sad that our “brightest” political minds are unable to comprehend the name of our nation, after united is the first word in it.

I for one am sick and tired of being sick and tired of party lines and partisan politics. This must be reason our first leader George Washington warned against political parties.

In my opinion Barack Obama’s famous 2006 DNC speech on the bipartisan America was flawed. What Obama failed to realize is, sure government’s role may be to serve its constituents, but in the last eighty years this has not happened.

Proof of this neglect of American life has no shortage of evidence. Evidence even lies in what Obama has called his highest responsibility, treatment of troops. If you think his deadlines of 2012 for removal of all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq is for the protection the ones that are there, you are wrong by far. In fact this is yet another political game. After all, who is up for election in 2012? Yep, you guessed Obama and his democratic kin in Senate and the House.

It has gone far enough. I personally don’t care how high you have to put my taxes, nor what restrictions you have to implement, now is the time to end this political joke. If we wish to save our children from the like of Pelosi, Reid and Bush we must all demand real change. It doesn’t matter what is done, be it term limits for congress or to dissolve political parties.

No matter what side of the isle you rest on, no matter if you detest liberals or the tea party; you must see no issue can be resolved in a climate of division. It’s about time to return to the United States of America.