To Tase or Not to Tase: That is the Question

An issue that has always been at the forefront of the public eye is the police using excessive force to subdue an individual. This past Monday, May 3, in Philadelphia, the public got an example of whether the police should use tasering to subdue a person. It was during the middle of a Phillies game when a 17-year-old male ran onto the field during the middle of the game, and the police working the game caught and arrested the boy by tasering him. As 44,817 fans watched this ordeal go down, it got people to wondering whether sometimes using excessive force, such as tasering, is limited to certain situations.

There are certainly two sides to this argument, as there is with any argument. On one side, some people argue that the boy who ran onto the field posed no threat to anybody, and that tasering the boy was using too much excessive force, and they should have done something else, like tackling him, in order to catch and arrest him. On the other side of the argument, others would argue that the boy could have posed some sort of threat. He could have been holstering a weapon, or could have had intent to injure one of the players on the field, so tasering him was the right method of catching the boy. It is a tender subject that is raising a lot of controversy, and has created a division in the court of public opinion. It was the first time in Phillies history that a police officer used a taser gun to subdue an individual that ran onto the field.

As always, regular people definitely have differing opinions and reactions on this issue of police using excessive force. When asked of his opinion on the incident in Philadelphia last Monday, Mike Menaker said, “I think tasering should be allowed in public if it involves the safety of the public.” Another student said about the incident, “I was shocked. But it was necessary, and now it will scare people from running onto the field during a game.”

This incident is definitely an incident that will be at the forefront of any argument that involves the issue of the police using excessive force. Whether people in the court of public opinion agree or disagree on whether the police did not need to use excessive force in this particular incident, this will definitely be used to measure in the future of whether the police use too much force or not when subduing people.