Not so Happy Halloween

Erica Luke

Halloween falls on October 31, 2010, as always; but this year, it is a Sunday. For big football stadium cities Sunday means game day. Game day means traffic and chaos.  In the town of Foxborough, parents and town representatives are saying no to Sunday trick-or-treating.  With Gillette Stadium and the Patriots playing on October 31 in Foxborough parents do not want their kids trick-or-treating with a possibility of game day danger. Selectmen of Foxborough are asking parents to take their kids out Saturday night to trick-or-treat. Most parents happy with the safety concerns in mind easily oblige while others do not understand the town’s request. Parents who are not easily obliging think Halloween is a tradition and want to take their kids out on October 31. Other parents are also saying that Route 1 traffic will not interfere with neighborhood trick-or-treating. With Halloween approaching quickly, people await anxiously to see if safety or tradition prevails for the town of Foxborough.