Tornado Rips Through Mass

Sean Lazzeri

Last night there was a tornado warning through out much of Massachusetts, that in the end took four lives, and caused an untold amount of damage.  The worst of what happened took place in Springfield,  the storm system ripped buildings apart and downed trees throughout the area, leaving thousands without power.  

At least 40 people were reported injured, but officials said that total only includes those taken to the hospital by ambulance. They expect the number to rise when they begin counting the total number of people treated at hospitals.  Many more have been affected by the tornadoes, they left in their wake destroyed homes and businesses, people in western Mass know what the people of Joplin are going through.  
Governor Deval Patrick then declared a state of emergency, witch then gave him the power to call upon the national guard.  He called for 1,000 National Guard troops to be ready by Thursday morning.  The will help with various tasks such as search and rescue operations, and security missions.

Thankfully as the storm cell moved east word it lost some of its rotation and power.  By the time it reached the coast there was nothing left but some rain and a few thunder claps.  If you look out side now, there is little to tell the citizens of Franklin that there was a terrible storm Wednesday night, with hail the size of ping pong balls in some parts of town.  

Thankfully help has pored into the state from state, federal and private groups to held those displaced by the storm.  Let us all hope that the number hurt by this devastating storm does not rise any higher than it already has.