Abduction Scare in Franklin

Sean Lazzeri

On Tuesday June 7th around 8:00pm, a 18 year old female jogger was running on Lenox Drive, off of Daniels.  A red van pulled along side her and a man who was shirtless, with a tattoo across his chest, walked up to her mumbling something she could not understand.

She then ran to a neighbors how, in which case the home owner called the Franklin police.  The police then put a call out to the surrounding are later that night to warn people amount the potential danger

Due to the large amount of tips called in to the police, they were able to identify the two men, who were actually just visiting a friends house.  The man with no shirt, was talking to the other man who he was with.  The two were quickly stopping by their friend’s house, hence the reason for exiting the van so quickly.

The police say that they encourage the action that the girl took even though there would have been no problem, involving her or the two men.  “The female jogger did everything right and everything that would be expected of an individual faced with this circumstance,” Deputy Police Chief Stephan Semerjian said. “She believed she was in imminent danger, ran to the nearest home and got herself help.”  And the hope that if anyone else dose happen to be caught in the same situation that they would be able to do the same as this young jogger.

Thankfully no one was hurt, and no charges will be pressed on the two men.