No More Ribbons On Their Door- US Pulls Out of Iraq

Rachita Chaudhury

President Obama has officially ordered all troops out of Iraq as of Monday, December 12.

All troops are to be home by the end of the year. Americans have been waiting for this moment. There have been complaints about the time, lives, and money spent in occupying Iraq.

9 years, 4,500 dead troops and $800 billion has gone into this war effort.

The predictions about this benchmark in the Obama Administration’s time are simply that historians will have to decide whether the decision was worth it. As of now, it is too soon to tell what will happen.

Obama stated in an address about this decision that the relationship between the United States and Iraq is powerful and could end up benefiting both parties as well as the world.

President Bush’s goal going into this war was to overthrow Saddam Hussein and establish a democracy.

Although Hussein is no longer in the picture, a stable democracy has not been put into effect. Iraq will most likely end up leaning on Iran for support as America pulls out.

American influence is not completely gone, however; President Obama promised Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that Iraq has “an enduring partner in the United States”.

In addition, thousands of Americans who are diplomats and civilian contractors will stay in order to train Iraq’s military and help rebuild the economy.

Sophomore Dan Rogers says “We should have ended this a while ago”. The US is still in Afganistan, but on the bright side, this is one less war on our list.

Freshman Shannon Kinney stated that she is “glad all those troops will finally be coming home. It is sad that so many lives were put at stake for a war that did not yield a lot”. As compassionate citizens we are all happy to see soldiers return to their families and friends.

As objective citizens, however, we see that Iraq could reverse its progress and violence could escalate. Iran may have to intervene if civil war is spotted on the horizon yet again.

Our prayers and donations have gone out to many of these people who risked their lives for our safety. We are all grateful to see them receive the home-coming they deserve.

This is a very special gift to everyone this holiday season, as one controversial war effort has been put to an end and thousands of loved ones will be reunited.