Dean Fight Defendent Pleads Not Guilty

Jordan MacLean

On Tuesday in Wrentham District Court, Kirk Dudley pleaded not guilty to the charges pressed against him after the fight that took place at Dean College on December 2nd.

The 18 year old New York native, pleaded not guilty to the assault of another student over an argument about sneakers. After he was held on $2,000 bail he pleaded not guilty to the charges of unarmed robbery, assault, and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Dudley had turned himself in to authorities when he learned they were looking for him after a video of the fight went on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Police say Dudley honestly thought the sneakers were his and that the victim had stolen them.  Kirk and as well as eight other students were expelled from the college after police and school officials viewed the video but only Kirk has been charged since he was the only one the took part in the actual fight.