Cloudy with a Chance of Jelly?

Bobby Dion


Steve Hornsby, 61, is a aircraft engineer who made the most peculiar discovery of jelly rain. Little balls of jelly falling from the sky at such a fast rate it resembled glass to Steve. He was outstanded and curious, it has the character of air but has volume like jelly. Steve predicts that the jelly must be world spread pollution built up and sent to rain on his garden.

As of now it is a mystery and a wonder to some who might read this.  Scientist believe it to be non-meterological, but maybe a key to whats going on in the unseen sky. The jelly like phenomenon cant be picked up with your hand so Steve used a spoon to examine the mystery closely. Could this just be a simple weather twist or a new form of life? In any event, these are the little things that might become a big deal.