They Want YOU

Cory LeBlanc

With our country at wartime, one would assume it is the most inconvenient time to join the military, but resent GI bills and new benefits beg to differ.

Joining the military can be a brilliant career choice for some people. By joining you get 100,000 dollars to pay for school, as well as free tuition to any state school. The military also pays for training from a long list of specialty jobs that you chose. That training can then be transferred over to a civilian job making you a better candidate than your civilian competition.

Also by working for the federal government your 401K is built earlier and gives you more money when you retire.

The military also allows for you to work as a soldier part time and carry on with your civilian life with the two rarely conflicting. The basic part time requirement is a one weekend a month drill. Which means going to your base for a Saturday and Sunday and do a workout routine with your unit to keep all of the part time soldiers in military shape!

The military also offers free health and dental insurance for your entire family, for free. It may not seem like much now but as you grow older you will understand the importance of insurance, never mind free insurance.

The Army: The Army is the Military’s working group, specialized in different area’s of war expertise but mainly used as bodies to send out and fight in battle.

The Airforce: The Air Force is an aircraft specialized  branch that concentrates on Aviation and Air Traffic Control.

The Navy: The Navy runs missions by sea, mainly working on ships around the world and uses the Marines their on land branch.

The Marines: The Marines are the front line men. Mostly known for their above average rigorous training. The Marines work alongside the Navy, helping them with land missions.

The National Guard: is the states militia, receiving full military benefits and enduring complete army training these “citizen soldiers” are used mainly on the home front to control the countries home needs.

The Coast Guard: helps ships in times of trouble along Americas coast.