April Showers…Finally

Connor Donahue

The old saying of “April showers brings May flowers” seems to be a little late this year.

In the whole month of April alone in Franklin we have seen little to no rain at all. According to weather.com in the month of April Franklin has only seen a total of .48in of rainfall.

Many have seen their lawns burn and dry up over the past month as temperatures have hit 83 degrees. This vacation has had perfect summer weather and beaches were full through out the week.

As the vacation ended many were glad to see the rain finally fall as this past Sunday alone got .96in of rain.  The grass and flower beds finally had something to drink and “quench the thirst” of the month long drought.

“It makes going back to school a little easier knowing we’re not missing any more sunny days” says senior Abby Bichler.

The little chunk of rain Franklin is getting over the course of the next few days will hopefully bring in those “May flowers”.