Banning Unhealthy Foods – Is it Right?

Jack Duffy

In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has proposed a ban on the sale of sugary drinks over 16 ounces, the first such attempt by anyone in the nation. Mayor Bloomberg has already tried to legislate the sale of other unhealthy foods before this call.

In the city, people are split about the idea. While some believe that this will help, others say that soda is not the main cause of obesity in not only the city, but in America.

In Franklin High, some of us have witnessed the removal of junk foods in our cafeteria. The school went from snacks of muffins and French fries to a current set up of many different and healthier options in lunch. Many of us were disappointed by this. Did we really need to ban junk foods in our cafeteria?

Unfortunately, many of our superiors believe that this is necessary to stop the spread of obesity and promote healthy eating. If they did not trust us to make good choices when we eat, then they had to remove these foods. However, if they believed that we were responsible in making good decisions, then it was the wrong decision.

The same becomes evident for the rest of America. If our leaders believe that we cannot make the right choices for ourselves, then Mayor Bloomberg is on the right track. We may be moving toward a regulated society, just like the one we have in school.