Medical Marijuana to Benefit Many?

Sean Donovan

Ellen Story, a Massachusetts Democrat has submitted a bill that will legalize, regulate, and tax the commercial production and sale of marijuana in Massachusetts.

The bill that Story has proposed goes beyond the vote (prop 3) on the electoral ballot that will allow Marijuana for medical usage only. Story’s Bill not only promotes the usage of marijuana for medical, but it also allows recreational usage for residents of Massachusetts 21 and older.

The legalization of marijuana will benefit people suffering critical health, and it will also reduce the Massachusetts crime rates.

“The state needs more money” Story stated, “This would allow the state to benefit from marijuana by taxing it” With the legalization of this substance, many people would want to purchase it, so if the government was able to tax it, they would gain a lot more money, helping many people.

“If its okay with marijuana, we should just legalize cocaine and LSD” Shelia Harrington, a Massachusetts attorney stated this in her effort to fight against this cause and claim that all use of marijuana is bad and cause physical harm to the body.

Marijuana contains a very powerful substance called beta-caryophyllen thsat has been proven to help medical patients suffering from glaucoma, muscular schlorosis, epilepsey, anxiety and depression, and it has also decreased the size of cancerous tumors and HIV/AIDS.

This natural molecule can activate a protein called cannabinoid receptor type 2. When this  biological button is activated, it soothes the immune system, increases bone mass, and blocks pain signals without causing euphoria or interfering with the central nervous system.

Many people are against the legalization of this “drug” because they believe that anybody could become involved with the growing, selling, and consumption of Marijuana.

“Anyone age 21 and over to operate a pot shop in your neighborhood to sell marijuana for any medical reason, And not just the seriously ill. Virtually anyone could grow pot in their backyard and carry a 60-day supply” -Dr. Jay Broadhurst

Little do people know, the law requires strict regulations by the Massachusetts Department of public health, and a written approval from their physician. Criminal penalties will follow fraud relating to this subject, and the illegal sale and consumption.

“This proposal has been endorsed by many patients, their families, medical professionals and law enforcement officials who believe that a smart, science based approach can help suffering patients without encouraging inappropriate drug use. In fact allowing the medical use of marijuana will lessen the need for dangerous narcotics like morphine and Oxycontin.” quoted from Linda Brantley, the President of the New England Coalition for Cancer Survivorship committee for Compassionate Medicine.

The Legalization of marijuana would not only help many from suffering pain from a serious illness, but it would also stop the prosecution of people that possess the harmless “drug”.

Do you agree that the legalization of marijuana could benefit many as well as save many lives?


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