Free Falling Felix

After two years of the preparation process professional skydiver Felix Baumgartner traveled to the edge of space to complete the ultimate skydiving experience. On Sunday October 14, 2012 Felix set off to break four records which was most likely the least of his concerns as he stood over 120,000 feet up ready to jump.

Unfortunately only 3 records were broken. The first was the highest manned balloon flight that was set in 1961, the second record he broke was the first free falling human to ever brake the sound barrier and the third record he broke was the longest free fall which he easily surpassed by over 15,000 feet. Their is also another record that he may have broken which would be the largest manned balloon in history. The one record he did not brake was the longest free fall duration which was coincidentally set by the man on the other end of the microphone, his mentor Joe Kittinger.

But in the end of it all  Felix did not care what records he broke or what records he did not brake. Felix stated that he cared more about coming back alive once he was looking down on the earth. He also said he was “humbled”. Felix may have had a change of heart after this experience saying “I’m retired from the daredevil business,” he said. “I want to find a nice decent job as a helicopter pilot. I’ll fight fires and rescue people. No e-mails, no phone calls.” Felix now lives as hero in some eyes and in his own he just was doing what he loves.