What Next, Apple?

Rachel, Writer

 Apparently the iPod, iTouch, and iPhone just weren’t enough for Apple—in fact, according to recent rumors, there’s a good chance that the iPad Mini will be hitting the shelves on November 2nd.   

So what exactly will these $250 pint-sized tablets entail?

Predictably, the iPad Mini will likely feature several of the same qualities of its predecessor; in fact, the only major differences include a smaller screen size, lower resolution, and decreased price.

Not only that, but the new device will inevitably lack Apple’s infamous retina display, leading many to question: is this piece of “improved” technology really any improvement from the original version? Furthermore, is Apple’s release of the so-called “advanced” product simply a poorly designed attempt at warding off its biggest competitors?

Indeed, there’s definitely no shortage of skepticism concerning this unexpected addition to the iPad family.

“I think it’s just a way for Apple to make more money by creating a smaller version of something they already have,” states 11th grader Allison Klowan.

However, although the device may simply appear to be a downgraded spin-off, there are still many others who feel that this new creation is a step in right direction.

“I love touchscreens, so I think it’s great that they’ve come up with the iPad Mini,” states Junior Hannah Daly. “Also, it’s really nice that the new iPad will be more affordable than the original version.”

“iPads are way too big and inconvenient because you have to type with one hand and hold the screen in the other, so the smaller and more modernized version of a similar product with the same apps will probably be nice!” exclaims FHS 11th grader Maggie McDonald.

Either way, there’s no doubt that that Apple’s diminutive development will have quite a huge effect on the future of technology.

Will you be buying the new iPad Mini?


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