Locally Made Shot Kills

Brianna Bailey

In order to prevent Meningitis, patients have been taking vaccines from their local healthcare centers.  However, the vaccines from Framingham MA had the opposite effect.  23 deaths have been recorded since the release of this new immunization.  In response, the FDA has sent out a warning to health care centers to bring their patients back in and make sure that they have not received any negative effects from these detrimental vaccines.

Meningitis is an infection, that comes in viral and bacterial form, and causes the tissues around your brain and spine to swell.  The viral disease is very common during the summer and early fall, so we are currently, still susceptible to it.  However, the bacterial form is much more severe and more likely to kill you due to impact, from the inflammation, to your brain.

Source: https://www.qiagen.com/geneglobe/pathwayview.aspx?pathwayID=50

The symptoms of both can be either very severe  like seizures and high fevers, or not too bad like fatigue.  Preventing Meningitis is simple; just like most diseases, washing your hands a lot, getting good vaccines and watching what you share should keep you out of harm’s way.  If things do get bad and you need to go to the doctor’s, they are most likely going to just do a spinal tap and give you antibiotics based on that, if it’s bacterial.  If it’s viral then they will most likely just have you wait it out.  The main thing to remember-watch where you get your vaccines because you can’t always trust Framingham.


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