Hurricane Sandy Swooping to NE

Mike Schratz, Writer

FHS is bracing itself for no school on October 30th because Hurricane Sandy is expected to take out large amounts of power on the East Coast.

Weather analysts say this a “historic” storm that is approaching, one with great strength. Its forecast says it will hit anywhere from Maryland to New England monday afternoon or tuesday morning.

Hurricane Irene caused similar talk last fall as that memory has not yet faded.

“There were so many power lines down from tree branches falling,” remembers FHS sophmore Sean Barker, “lots of people had lost power.”

In total, close to 700,000 electric users spent a night in the dark, for some a few nights.

Twenty-one people lost their lives in last year’s hurricane, therefore some are even more frightened for Sandy. This hurricane has already accounted for approximately 41 deaths in the Caribbean.

Since Sandy is a tropical system combined with a cold system, the effect will be much worse.

“People will have to plan ahead by keep a high stock of food and emergency kits,” said aware FHS junior Julia DiMarino. It is smart for everyone to plan ahead for the worst case scenario.

Barker, on the other hand, is grateful for the possible break in school days as he said, “it’s most likely coming our way, so we may lose a day or so of school around tuesday.”

Students may only be concerned with a day or two off from school, but this storm is not something to take lightly.