iPad Mini: Getting Desperate

Mike Schratz, Writer

The recent release of the iPad Mini has left many with mixed emotions regarding Apple’s creativity.

This new product is 53% lighter in weight than the original iPad, and managed to get 23% thinner as well.

With its 1080p quality screen, top notch LED backlight technology, and photo taking and editing abilities, what does the iPad Mini offer that Apple purchasers haven’t already seen?

“It’s the same thing as an iPad just slightly smaller,” claimes Julia Donovan, an FHS junior and owner of an iPhone, “[Apple] basically made a larger iPod touch to get more money.”

Many consider it a waste of money to have multiple sizes of virtually the same product; there should be a non-mobile device and a more hand held one.

iPad Minis cost $329, whereas brand new iPhone 5s are priced at $199.

“With the iPhone you get the same features as an iPad Mini plus calling and texting,” states Donovan.

New Apple contraptions are constantly being released, but not each one necessarily offers something different.

What is your favorite Apple product?


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