Sandy Stirs Up The Presidential Race

Jason Fasano, Writer

In the closing days of the presidential race, the candidates would have liked to spend these crucial final days ensuring their voters will go to the polls. Unfortunately for them, and the rest of the east coast, Hurricane Sandy put a bit of damper on their plans.

Both candidates rearranged their schedules in the aftermath of the storm. Instead of spending their final days hammering swing state voters, both President Obama and Governor Romney sought to reach audiences in those areas affected by Sandy.

Unfortunately for Franklin High School Seniors, this meant their scheduled field trip to a Romney campaign rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday was cancelled due to inclement weather.

“I think the storm did give President Obama a stage to demonstrate leadership, but I don’t think he changed many minds. I really don’t think many truly undecided voters exist at this point” commented Franklin High AP Government teacher Mr. Walsh.

President Obama spent the day Tuesday at a Red Cross shelter in the nation’s capitol, where the storm brought flooding, power outages, and wide spread evacuations. He then moved on to New Jersey on Wednesday, where the storm made landfall and wrought utter devastation.

Mitt Romney spent the day Tuesday in Ohio, a key swing state in the election, attending a hurricane relief effort. While there, he touted his record when he was Massachusetts governor for helping Hurricane Katrina Victims.

This super storm comes just 3 short months after the nation’s leading Republicans laughed at the mere notion of climate warming, bringing the issue back into the realm of politics.

“Politicians have more important things to worry about, the economy is most people’s main concern right now” said Franklin Senior Benjamin Lewin.

In other political news, the final Massachusetts senate debate was canceled, both Warren and Brown agreeing that it would be inappropriate to hold the debate in light of recent events and the scale of the tragedy.

As emergency relief workers work to return people to their homes, restore power, and repair the damage, the gears of the campaigns will slowly start to pick up speed again.

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