Warren Up On Brown In Latest Survey

Mike Schratz, Writer

A telephone poll that was held for a week resulted in Elizabeth Warren gathering 50% of massachusetts votes and Scott Brown getting 46%.

This text-in survey spanned from October 26th to November 1st. Seven of the last eight surveys have shown Warren ahead of Brown, a reassuring sign for Democrats.

Despite conducted polls, this race is predicted to be quite close in the end no matter what.

“Elizabeth Warren has a bit more of an edge,” said Gunther Murphy, an FHS junior, “she is Democratic and Massachusetts is a state with more liberals than conservatives.”

Brown claims he leans more towards independent, though many state that he acts on the conservative side overall.

After multiple debates, the citizens of Massachusetts better understand the two candidates exact ideals and focuses.

“Warren’s lesser attention to her papers causes me to believe that her ideals are something she holds onto and that she feels strongly about,” thought Murphy upon watching the televised debates, “Brown needs to review his ideas more often, making him seem less sure of what he plans to do.”

Others are seeing this race in a different light, predicting Brown to stay in senate.

“I think Brown will win because he tries to vote for the right thing,” claimed FHS sophmore Jack Sameski, “as opposed to voting based on his party.”

While a plethora of voters support Warren simply because she’s a part of the democratic party, some believe that Washington D.C. sent her to run up North. This has a good amount leaning towards Brown, the man representing Mass.

All factors accounted for, the race for Massachusetts state senator will come down to the wire.

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