Sandy Fails to Sneak up on Those Preparred

On Monday October 29th Hurricane Sandy hit Franklin much less hard than anticipated. The hurricane should not have been taken by surprise for those in the area.

On Sunday the winds were gusty and cold but still nothing big. Early afternoon the calls were received that school was out on Monday.Monday morning the wind was going crazy and the slight rain blew around.

In Franklin there was minimal destruction. There are a few tree’s down and a smaller portion of the town without power even on Tuesday morning.Although there is still school on Tuesday there is an exception for storm related absences not be held against the students.  Many other towns including Blackstone,  Milford and Foxborough were canceled on Tuesday as well.

The Fox 25 news repeatedly showed procedures to follow in the case of a power outage and what to do to prep for such things.

It is best to prepare for the storm by ensuring your flashlights are working, you have extra batteries, set freezer and refrigerator to coldest settings. Once the power is out it is recommended to open a window slightly to allow air to come in to keep from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Due to the storms that occurred last year causing the power outages many people seem to be much more prepared. On the news there were many people shown at the store stocking up on batteries and candles. Limited grocery shopping was done over the weekend with lots of ice being purchased just in case.

“We had candles and a lantern and bought non refrigerated foods.” Franklin high school senior Samantha Stratton says of her families preparation for the storm.

Massachusetts as a whole has had about 385,000 homes lose power.  Many coastal towns were flooded due to the dangerously high levels of water. Across the state the roads were nearly empty while most stayed home afraid to venture out into the storm. Almost all business’s and schools were closed due to Hurricane Sandy. Public transit was shut down  including  the trains in Boston that were  closed at 2 pm. While more than 900 flights were canceled at Logan airport.

Do you feel you were prepared for Sandy to take your power due to last years storms?


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