Diminishing Number of WWII Vets


Brianna Bailey, Author

On Sunday, we honored all those who had severed, especially the WWII vets, but how many are really left?  The National WWII Museum says that 900 are dying each day.   While Veteran Reunions still take place, they are smaller and smaller each time due to the lack of people  to actually celebrate.  Now, we are losing first hand sources of what really happened in WWII.  Without these vets around, it’ll be hard to know what really happened, and there story will have to live through textbooks and us.

As of September, there are less than 40,000 WWII vets left in Mass.  About 6,ooo dies in the past year.  Because of this exponential growth of deaths, the WWII museum is make big efforts to help them out, so we can hold onto the memories just a little bit longer.  They project that the last of the vets will be gone by 2036, but with all their efforts, they plan to extend that as long as they can.

While the vets are losing there friends everyday, they still make an effort to see each other regularly and remember all that only they would truly understand.