Will We See Winter Weather?

Andrew Sergi, Staff Meteorologist

Will the North East get serious winter weather this season? This past winter, as everyone can recall, was calm and not quite as  intense as previous years. People who ski or snowboard during the season may have a decent amount of snow for their winter activity.

“I’m feeling a lot of snow this year” Said Senior and Ski and Board club member Marco Gobbi. He later went on to say that “we better get more than last year”.

“There better be enough for decent snowboarding at the mountains” said Devon Nault.

A snowy winter depends on two things, cold air and precipitation. The amount of snow fall that is projected by Accuweather forecasts “above normal” snowfall for the 2012 and 2013 winter season. Accuweather claims that this winter will be “snow joke”.

Many people claim that the amount of acorns that fall from oak trees corresponds how much snow you will get that season. The more acorns that fall the more snow.

Hopefully there will be plenty of snow for everyone to enjoy. Although some people are annoyed by it’s troublesome presence, many kids will want more snow days than last year.