Open Campus?

Open Campus?

Theses doors could be open for you if Open Campus passes.

Sean Donovan

Ever want to sleep in an extra hour? What about leave school an hour early? Well so do a lot of other students, that’s why Student  Government is proposing the idea for an open campus starting next year.

Having an open campus would mean that if you are a senior and  have a direct study first or last period, and a GPA of 2.5 or higher than you do not need to be in school. This would also mean that you could get Dunkin in the morning without worrying about the long lines and being tardy.  If you  do have too many tardies than you may not be eligible. 

If students are safe, and are smart while leaving the school, than this would be a huge benefit to students and would make a lot of people happy. Don’t get me wrong, if you use your direct studies for homework and studying, than you should probably stay in the school. Leaving or showing up early would be great, but so is getting your work done and passing. 

If passed, this wont take effect until next year, so if your below a 2.5, get those grades up!!