Ermerhgerd Christmas!

Michaela Shimkus

There is a long list of reasons why Christmas is favored over all other other holidays. Even if you are the biggest Ebenezer Scrooge, you can always find something to love about the winter holidays.

With the world illuminated with strings upon strings of colorful lights, loops of classic holiday music playing on every radio station, and not to mention the amazing foods that come with the season, everybody can find at least one thing that they love about this time of year.

Christmas is a holiday that young children look forward to all year, but it seems that even us high school students still feel the excitement and anticipation of setting up the Christmas tree, stringing up the lights, and ripping open gifts on Christmas day.

Every family has their own special holiday traditions on top of the traditional Christmas tree, Decorations, and Holiday dinners.

Lets see what FHSers do on their typical Christmas Holidays:

” We usually spend Christmas Eve with my mom’s family, and then spend Christmas Day at home with my family.” said Senior Amanda Dickson on her relaxed and layed back Christmas.

“Well, first I have brunch at my aunts house. Then I usually visit my step dad, and then I go to my dad’s house. I get to see everybody on Christmas!” Stated Senior Julia Walls on what she does on a typical Christmas Day.

“My family also does and Advent wreath, in which every Sunday we light a new candle. Sunday the 2nd was the first day, so we put up the lights and the tree.” Walls added.

“Another tradition  that my family has is an old German tradition where somebody hides a pickle ( a fake one) in the Christmas tree, and whoever finds it first on Christmas day gets a prize!”

While we all have our own personal traditions that may even be a bit strange to some, have you ever wondered how common traditions and Christmas itself came to be?

Who decided to decorate everything with lights? Why do we put giant evergreen trees in our homes? And who is this fat guy breaks into everybodys house on Christmas Eve?

It would all seem quite bizarre to somebody who has no idea what Christmas is.

Well, it all began in the 4th century C.E. ( a really, really, really long time ago) Roman pagans celebrated a holiday called Saturnalia. Since it was a time where Christians were trying to convert people to their religion, they ‘borrowed’ the holiday, which they then renamed as Christmas.

The Holiday slowly evolved throughout thousands of years.

Gift giving was added to Christmas after it became a Christian/Pagan holiday. Santa Clause, as you may not know, is not an original Christmas figure. The big man is based off of a man named Nicholas ( which is one of Santa’s many nicknames).

Nicholas was alive between 270 C.E- 345 C.E. He was known for filling children’s stockings( or socks) with small gifts and trinkets, for no reason at all. He was later named a saint in the 19th century.

The Santa Clause we all know and love didn’t come around until 1931. He was created by none other than the Coca Cola company.

Who would have known that a figure from their fondest childhood memories was created by their favorite soda- pop company?

The Christmas Tree originates from old Pagan traditions where they would bring live plants and trees, such as evergreens and mistletoe, into their homes to symbolize life during the cold winter seasons. The more modern Christmas tree with garland, lights, and ornaments comes from Germany.

So there you have it. Some of the most popular Christmas traditions- trees, mistletoe, gift giving, and of course Jolly Old Saint Nick, all originate from ancient pagan rituals! Bet you didn’t know that did you?

What are YOUR Christmas traditions?

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