Tragic Ending

Sean Donovan

December 1st at 7:50 am is when the first call came in to the Kansas City Police Department about a shooting. When the police arrived at the multi-family home they were  informed that 22 year old Kassandra Perkins had been shot several times by her boyfriend. Perkins was barley clinging onto life, but shortly after she arrived at the Hospital her life ended.

8:10 am was when the next call came in. The phone call informed the police that there was an armed man parked outside Arrowhead Stadium, the  Kansas City Cheifs home field.

When the police arrived they saw an African American man holding a gun to his head talking with 3 other men. By the time the police could park it was took late. The man pulled the trigger, ending his own life.

The man Turned out to be Jovan Belcher, a starting player for the Cheifs.

Two out of the three witnesses were Belcher’s Coaches, Cheifs head coach Romeo Crennel, and the teams General manager Scott Pioli.  Belcher never threatened anyone else, he was only thanking the coaches for all that they had done for him.

It was reported that Belcher and his girlfriend had been arguing before the first shooting occurred. The police had no record involving Belcher prior to Saturday.

Belcher Played in every game since 2009, a total of 55 games, and he started in 44 of them. Since 2009 his tackles had greatly increased.

“I don’t understand how such a great player, with such a great career could do something like this” says Devon Nault, senior.

There was no defined reasoning for this actions, but many believe that dementia pugilistica, or drunk punch syndrome,  a neorodegenerative  disease caused by several blows to the head over time, causing explosive behavior and paranoia.

Belcher leaves behind his 3 month old daughter who is now being taken care of by close relatives.

Despite this tragedy, the Chiefs still played Sunday and will remain to play in their scheduled games this season.

Do you believe that Dementia pugilistica could have been a major factor in this tragedy?


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