Where’s Emily?

Brittany Landry, Writer

After Emily Bracamontes , an 11 year old Leukemia patient, was infected with an arm infection, her parents took the authority of walking out of Phoenix Children’s Hospital and risking her life.

When Emily Bracamontes arrived at Phoenix Children’s Hospital with a serious arm infection, her parents ultimately blamed the medical facility for having to partially amputate part of her arm.

Norma and Luis Bracamontes, Emily’s parents, blamed the hospital for needing to then insert a catheter into the child’s heart.

Believing the hospital had caused Emily’s arm infection to worsen while she suffered Lukemia, her parents were outraged.

“I would be concerned about my child too if she had to go through all of this, but I would let the doctors handle it because they know whats best” says Kristina Landry sophomore at Franklin High.

The hospital denies causing Emily’s arm infection to worsen and claims they were simply trying to cure the illness the best way they knew how.

Fed up with Phoenix Hospital’s alleged “mistreatment” and feeling bad for her daughter’s suffering with Leukemia plus her now amputated arm, Emily’s mother unplugged her machines and walked out of the hospital with her.

“I would never take my daughter out of the care of the hospital, she was in good hands and they were doing their best apparently. The girl is even more at risk of getting sick now” says Landry.

The hospital has released a statement emphasizing their concern for the child and authorities are now looking into the story as a case of neglect and mistreatment.

The fragile girl now is at severe risk of becoming even more sick or possibly dieing. The authorities are doing everything they can to bring Emily back to the hospital.

If Emily was your child, what would you do?


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