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5 Stories You Might Have Missed

Whether you are too busy or just don’t pay attention to the news, we’re here to keep you updated with the stories you might have missed.

1. Sony says bye to the Walkman

Sony announced that it will halt production of all Walkman and other cassette players by 2013, marking, as some are saying, the end of an era.

The Walkman was among the first portable music players and lead to the craze of bringing your music with you. The Walkman has been around since 1979 and laid the foundation for iPods and CD players to come.

But it was only a matter of time that walkmans and cassettes went out of style. Most of our generation can barley remember what a cassette looks like, or how they work, or what they are.

2. North Korea’s Rocket, Unicorn Lair, and Person of the Year

After a failed rocket attempt last spring, North Korea has launched another rocket that they declared as a success., and nearly every government disapproves.

The success of this rocket means North Korea now has the power to hit the US west coast along with many other closer countries like Japan and Russia. Even North Korea’s closest ally, china, criticized the rocket launch.

Although the rocket was carrying a satellite, not any weapons, UN officials say that this is the first step to a nucular missile.

North Korea has had a big week. On Friday the country also annonced that their archchiologist have discovered a Secret Unicorn Lair that was home to a unicorn that was ridden by a North Korean king. The claim is obviously a fake, it is likely the claim is being used to increase Kim Jong-Un’s reputation.

Also, the communist country’s dictator, Kim Jong-Un, may become Time Magazine’s Person of the year. A group associated with 4chan flooded Time’s on-line voting system so the supreme leader would be the person of the year.

This comes after the satirical news outlet, The Onion, declared Kim Jong-Un the sexiest man alive and a Chinese newspaper, not knowing The Onion is a hoax, picked up the story with a slide show consisting of 55 pictures of Kim Jong Un.

3. China will flatten 700 Mountains

On Sunday, China announced that it will be flattening 700 mountians in order to build a city in, what will be called Lanzhou New Area, which is in the gansu province.

The province is known to be very poor with little clean water, but the project will cost $3.5 billion to blow up the mountains and $1.1 billion to build the city according to the Guardian.

China does have overpopulation problems, but the construction job will take a major toll on china’s environment.

4. The Twitter and Facebook cold war

The feud between Facebook and Twitter was inevitable. The two social networks are among the most popular social networks around the world. Both have their pro and cons but Facebook is losing it’s staying power.

As you may know, Facebook bought Instagram, the photo sharing app, on April 12, 2012. But during the past week, Instagram photos have not been showing up on Twitter by simly clicking on the tweet, as they use to.

Then, Tuesday Twitter updated their App and added the option to filter, crop, and focus tilt pictures, simialr to the options on Instagram.

Twitter’s update said “we understand that you are experiencing issues with viewing Instagram photos on Twitter. Instagram has decided to disable integration with with Twitter…”

5. A monkey in Ikea

Darwin the monkey has become an Internet sensation after he walked into a Toronto Ikea wearing a faux fur jacket.

Darwin was staying in his owner’s car, when he some how got out and wandered from the parking lot and into the store. The shoppers were shocked and called animal control.

The owner, Yasmin Nakhuda, was fishearlingned for breaking Toronto’s animal bylaw, according to the TODAY Show, said she wants the animal back but she is willing to give up Darwin if she knows he is being kept in a good animal sanctuary.

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