Coping With A Tragedy

Brittany Landry, Writer

Tragedy struck at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton Connecticut on Friday when one gunman opened fire on this small school in Connecticut, ultimately killing 26.

Now after the shooting, law enforcement officials say investigators are reviewing  Adam Lanza’s history as well as cell-phone records and computer data to piece together the tragic events.

December 14, 2012 will always be a day of remembrance for the small children who lost their lives, as well as the staff of the school who helped to protect their students.

Newton  schools do not plan on reopening Monday to allow members of the community to cope with the tragic loss.

Newton has instead pulled together a field day for the town in hopes of bringing the community together and help with the healing process.

“To help provide some small level comfort and support to the children in our community” says Janet Robinson, superintendent of Newtown.

Franklin provides many support groups and counselors to speak with, helping to cope with the tragic events which took place Friday.

“little things can trigger emotions so we want to let students know that people are here in this building to help them through this event” says Ms. McVay,counseling  director for Franklin High School.

While many other schools across the New England area are reopening, there are moments of silence held for Sandy Hook victims. Some schools even are wearing Sandy Hook colors in honor of the lives lost.

“High schoolers tend to grieve things more as a group and everyone has been affected in a different way by the shooting.  Our offices will be open for any student who needs to talk at all times” says McVay.

Franklin High School along with so many other schools are taking the initiative to make students aware of the circumstances and comfort them as best as they can.

The victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting will always be remembered.

How are you coping with this tragic shooting.


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