Two Teens Rescued From Joe’s Rock Park


Two teenagers were rescued from a 100-foot cliff in Wrentham on Wednesday.

Fire crews responded to Joe’s Rock Park at about 5 p.m. on Wednesday after reports of two people trapped about 40-feet up on a part of the rock.

Joe’s Rock is a wooded area near the Rhode Island border that is popular for hiking.

“I’ve been to Joe’s Rock before, it’s a really nice place to go hike, but I wouldn’t go climb the rocks if I didn’t know what I was doing” said FHS senior Marissa Harrington.

This isn’t the first time they have responded to Joe’s Rock, but that Wednesday’s rescue was one of the more severe.

Officials said the two decided to climb the rock because they thought that the top would be a good place for sightseeing, but they became stuck after getting 30 and 50 feet up.

Luckily one of them had a cell phone with them and they called for help.

The first firefighters at the scene threw the teens a rope to hang onto while they waited for more rescue crews to hike to the top of the rocks.

The rescue crew had to hike a quarter of a mile into the woods with a 35-foot ladder and a thousand feet of rope, and it took them nearly an hour.

One of the teens had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance after the rescue because his body temperature had dropped too much. The teen had laid out against the rock, which caused him to lose body heat.

“I feel bad for the kids, that would be very scary if it happened to me, I’m glad they’re alright” said FHS sophomore Lindsey Spareges.

The two high school students were not fully aware of what they were doing, and climbing is a very difficult sport, and it can be extremely dangerous at times, even more so when there is snow or ice on the rock surface.