Are State Legislators Saying No to Gun Control Laws?


Immediately after the president laid out his gun control proposals on Wednesday, many states responded, and many state legislatures tried to block the law’s enforcement, they tried to block these measures even before Obama proposed them.

People all across the country were making complaints about how they deserve to have their protection, and that it is their right as an American to have a gun in their home if they feel the need to have one.

“I really think they need to make some laws and stop letting people own guns. It’s obviously not safe for anyone to have a gun these days.” FHS senior Tyler Staves said.

Although many people like the idea of having gun control proposals being made, some people in other states do not like it.

The State Rep. in Texas named the “Firearms Protection Act,” which stated that anyone who tried to enforce the banning of semi-automatic firearms could face felony charges.

The State Sen. Of Missouri said that he would try to seek to keep far-reaching regulations from violating the constitutional rights of all Missourians. They also made a proposal which make it a crime for anyone to try and enforce a law.

Another Missouri state legislator, Rep. Casey Guernsey, introduced a similar bill that states that it is unlawful to even attempt to enforce any federal law relating to personal firearm.

“I understand why people are getting upset about this proposal, but something needs to be done.” said FHS senior Marissa Harrington “There are too many shootings going on.”

Many other states are making these bills saying that they wont be apart of these gun control proposals at all.

Even before the Sandy Hook school shooting, eight states had adopted similar laws that would exempt guns made in those states from federal regulations as long as the firearms remain in those states.

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